Guest curator: Freshome

Posted on December 09, 2010 | 0 Comments
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Ronique Gibson is Contributing Editor for Freshome, a modern architecture and interior design online magazine. While the site brings inspiration, Ronique’s articles focus on helping readers love their home with décor, how-to, and do it yourself tips and information.
Find her on Twitter @freshome and @stagetecture.

Cotton Rope Wick Necklace
By Alienina

I like how this simple rope necklace has the idea of being a strong material on its own, but when braided, it looks delicate and pretty.

Super Foodie Cooking Coasters
By girlscantell

These coasters remind me of those cocktail napkin sketches people used to doodle on in a bar! Plus the felt material makes them practical, unlike my plastic coaster that drips water every day.

Folded Salt & Pepper Cellars
By Pigeon Toe Ceramics

These simple cellars are so simple that they are gorgeous. Isn’t that what design embodies? Simplicity.

Curly Lamp Small
By Fuz

I’m infatuated with lamps and lighting. For some reason this one reminds me of a ribbon of white chocolate. Yummm…

8:29 am Architect Watch
By May28th

After looking at floor plans for the last 12 years of my life as an Associate Architect, this watch brings back fond memories.

Cupcake Bling
By Playground Rockstar

My daughter would love this shirt. She would tell me, “That cupcake on a necklace is sooo cool!” I love simple novelty items for kids that are simple in concept, and kids still adore them.

Prairie campfire
By Maandag Meubels

Why didn’t I think of this? I’ve always marveled at how people make a campfire, and when I was in Girl Scouts, this was the best part of the experience! S’mores and camp fire songs. The place to put each log is great for detouring right to the fun!

Fizz Necklace
By Metalicious

Part of the beauty of design is all in the name… Fizz… it reminds me of a bubbly glass of Sprite! I’d love to wear this simple necklace every day.

Micro Tile Jade
By Heather Knight

I can see this tile grouped amongst others to make a display in a foyer or hallway. I like when design elements make you want to be a part of it. This tile makes me want to touch it, every time I walk past it.

Roped Aster Bracelet
By Bario-Neal

What is there not to love about this piece? Love how the links intertwine and the single solitaire clasp completes the look. Perfection at its finest.