Guest curator: Pikaland

Posted on January 03, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Amy Ng is the founder of Pikaland a blog about art & illustration, with an emphasis on the handmade. Trained as a landscape architect and formerly a regional art & architecture magazine editor, she has traded her passion for steel and glass for pen and paper, and is now covering topics on illustration and art in a border-less world.

Find Amy on Twitter @pikaland.

Love Braille Ring
By MaaPstudio

How romantic is this ring? I often find myself fiddling with jewelry (especially when I’m thinking) so I appreciate the tactile experience and symbolism.

Tea Towel- Eep! in olive
By Skinny laMinx

I love Heather’s work and Eep! was one of her first patterns. The color is a favorite and so is the print!

Woolly Bear Limited Edition Print
By Julia Pott Illustration

Julia Pott’s work is amazing — look at the detail on that bear!

Hug It Out
By laurageorge

One of the best advice ever.

Bamboo Mobile— Bird Trio
By Petit Collage

I love mobiles and the simpler, the better. These ones by Petit Collage are excellent — modern and beautiful.

Wolfe Buddy
By crywolf

I adore plush toys and crywolf’s characters are the cutest!

Faces by Ryan Bubnis
By engrave

Nothing says luxury like leather engraved notebook slipcovers for your moleskine notebooks. Best of all? It gets better as it ages!

Inari Journal
By Loop

I love notebooks. I keep one in each room of my house and in every bag I use, and I make sure each one is distinct from one another (so that I can remember which ones I used to write down what!)

Dirty Laundry Guest Book
By Mélangerie Inc

This is a fun take on guestbooks— I love the cheekiness of it!

Light Bulb Greeting Card
By Gold Teeth Brooklyn

I see this as a fun card that you can personalize— that lightbulb can be an impetus to a lot of ideas for you to fill in the blanks!