Welcome in the world of Cabazdesign!

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Welcome in the world of cabazdesign  655 1218636436

For cabazdesign
The design is a important point of this creation. Cabazdesign is a little handcraft that creates original design.
The bag is create for a
day labourer use for an active, modern and urban person
…and other.
The inspiration of this creation is the town, the different movement of design like the BAUHAUS movement, De stilj….and the design contemporany .

the quality of materials is very important and the " fabrication" is thought so that your bag is resistant and practical.Every piece is handmade with a lot of care.

we use technical materials specific to the manufacture of bags, fabrics, resistant to water, and adapted has a town environment.

The important thing is that this bag is the reflection of your personality, original, arty and modern! Our bags are thought… for an intelligent world!

It is in this manner that I conceive the graphics and the design of my creations!
to use cabaz to mark your difference!

And Thanks has all my friends who likes cabaz!!!

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