Say hello to Tinkering Monkey

Posted on February 28, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Tinkering Monkey is the woodworking studio of Mike Cheung and Paula Chang, who design and create beautiful things in their San Francisco home.

We think their own description says it best:
“Tinkering Monkey is a fine woodworking studio that makes simple, high-quality goods for everyday living. We make things that we want to improve, and things that we only dream about. We make things that will be used, loved, and cherished forever. We want our pieces to age beautifully, so we obsess over quality and detail. We stubbornly believe in working with our hands and doing things in small batches. Everything you see here was designed and built by us‚ right in the garage of our tiny, century-old house.”

From classy, cleanly designed lamps, to a smart trivet that expands, you can tell that each piece is well-made, and meant to last.