Guest curator: Miss Moss

Posted on March 28, 2011 | 0 Comments
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My name is Diana, I am a graphic designer from South Africa. I have a blog called Miss Moss where I like to share rad things that are nice to look at. Also music, sometimes… and occasionally pictures of cats and other things that make people happy.

Find me on Twitter @miss_moss.

The Don
By Tinkering Monkey

The fact that this lamp and the mini version, Peggy, is named after Mad Men characters makes them about ten times cooler.

Cable-knit Ceramic Serving Bowl
By Reshape Studio

Just the right amount of quirk and visual appeal… everything I’ve ever wanted in a bowl.

Leather Bicycle Seat Box
By Walnut Studiolo

Hand crafted, leather, bicycles – these things just go together.

Mountains Print
By In Haus Press

A nice reminder that I do actually want to move to the mountains some day.

Grid Tote
By Poketo

There’s a tiny designer in each and every one of us. Or at least there can be on your shopping bag.

Cave Sweatshirt
By Loyalty & Blood

This sweatshirt would lure people in for some light reading, at which point I would unexpectedly envelope them in a bear hug to share in the coziness.

Jotter Set- Poliwog + Eon
By Loop

“Pocket Sized Notebooks” gets me every time, plus these are actually nice to look at.

Spout Collective- Hens and Chicks
By Paige Russell

Succulents = plants I am least likely to kill. I can see this stoneware trio looking pretty on a windowsill somewhere.

Gold Cup Necklace
By Anne Kiel

I rarely wear jewellery, but this simple gold necklace is just my style.

Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set
By PataPri

I can’t wait for our winter to come so that I can snuggle under a duvet again – especially one as beautiful as this.