Guest curator: Design Crush

Posted on April 18, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Kelly Beall is Design Crush. And Design Crush has been her love letter to the design community since June 2007. She’s a graphic designer by trade who doesn’t make or sell anything other than perception. Supporting those who do, giving them a voice, and spreading their names and talents far and wide? That’s what she does best.

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Going to the South West
By Melanie Favreau

These earrings are the perfect size. Plus, they remind me of the southwestern patterned wallpaper I had in my room as a kid!

Living Things Series Vol 1 by Lizzy Stewart
By Little Otsu

I love/collect/am obsessed with art books, no matter the size. Lizzie’s work is gorgeous, and I’m sure the series is going to be amazing.

Pleated String Lights
By Pigeon Toe

These lights would carry my aesthetic perfectly into the backyard, just in time for cooking out this summer.

Lady Necklace
By Georgia Varidakis Jewelry

Since I’m about as clumsy and ungraceful as they come, this necklace would be the perfect ironic accessory for my collection.

Empire State Tin Box
By PeachyApricot

This one of a kind piece just feels like New York in the springtime, and I love her painting technique.

Hello Poster 23
By The Hello Poster Shop

I love a good poster and old video games are my favorite, making this a natural fit for my home.

By Necklush

Most fabric necklaces I see are too chunky for my stature, but the thinner strands in this Necklushie are perfect. I can see myself wearing it with a white tank top this summer, no doubt.

Naval Flag Black T
By We Are All Smith

When it comes down to it I’m a t-shirt girl. The simple graphic look of this one is perfection.

Arrow Caps Monogram Note Cards
By IN HAUS Press

IN HAUS never fails to impress me with their grasp of perfect simplicity. These notecards are something I would both love to send or receive.

Pack Rack Barnyard Edition
By Steph Mantis!

So unexpected! I’d love to organize my necklace collection on this.