Guest curator: Troy Mattison Hicks

Posted on May 03, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Troy Mattison Hicks is half of the design team for Necklush (along with Stephano Diaz) and is a curator of the blog This Art Is Yours. When not working, taking pictures, or surfing, he works tirelessly on his music project PAANO. He is into brut art, futuristic sound, and good energy!

Welcome to my World!
By Melanie Favreau

I love this necklace by jewelry artist Melanie Favreau! What a great mantra! It can mean really good things – if you only let in really good things! And it’s a great opener to the following pieces I’ve uncovered in the wonderful pages of Supermarket.

I will gather the stars for you…
By Jen Renninger

My parents are taxidermists so I immediately am drawn to a deer head by default! Add to that a trippy star, and fabric of time motif and I am sold!

Print 4
By Rafael Macho

Hard to go wrong with a crazed looking candy striped drooling teddy bear. Notice a deer head (again) at the bottom. Subliminal taxidermy gets me every time!

Your Favorite Blue
By Kate Banazi

Love the work from Kate! This one reminds me of that wormhole that happened two years ago in Norway, it looks like that nun is mesmerized and is going to the light (Carol Anne)!

Waxed Canvas Small Messenger
by Moop

I have this bag and I don’t leave home without it, in fact it has become my man purse and I have no shame. Moop bags have the most amazing quality, I could not recommend anything more highly. You need one!

Afternoon Walk
By Decoylab

Yes, yes I know, another deer! Only this time it’s a giant winged baby creature taking a whiff of a flower thieving pixie. This original illustration is by Maiko Kuzunishi, aka Decoylab.

By Paper Whistle

Brandi Strickland, aka Paper Whistle is one of my idols. Hovering gemstones, acidic sha(wo)man maneuvering through a corroding landscape. Beautiful!

4 in Striped Plant Cozy
By Papaver Vert

So perfect for sprucing the old plants in my kitchen window… Sure they remind me my sweat bands from jr. high, but I mean that only in the most flattering way possible! I think these cozies are rad!

Pink Worm Listens to Some Jams
By Laura George

Cuddly pink worm with headphones, really no need for an explanation. Ohio Players have a song called Funky Worm and I think it might be a good idea to listen to it right now.

Desert Camper
By Leah Giberson

I am always amazed at Leah’s work. Talent like hers makes me want to stop trying to be creative at all! I love this one & I think I want to live there, and watch the sun set in that little pink chair.

Egg Chair Vessel in Deep Blue
By Kim Westad

My favorite work of Kim Westad are the pieces that maze and wrap around themselves, looking almost like drinking vessels from another star system. This one is especially intergalactic! Amazing.