Adventures in Lomography

Posted on September 05, 2011 | 0 Comments
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I hope everyones summer has been filled with lots of sun, maybe a bit of camping, playing at the river, lake or ocean, and any other fun thing you like to do this time of year. Mine has been great, very little sun though, but filled with many exciting things. The most exciting, MY VERY FIRST BOOK!!!

The book is entitled, Adventures in Lomography, Volume 1: New York. I have been working very hard to get it finished and it is almost there. To help get this project off the ground, I will be running a month long Kickstarter. The funds will go towards the costs of self publishing and distribution of the first edition. Please take the time to check it out, and even if you cannot help fund the project, please help spread the word.
Here is the link:

Either way, the book will be published and ready to sell by the winter holidays and will be available in my shop.
Thank you so much all!!!
much love,

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