Guest Curator: Peg and Awl

Posted on October 17, 2011 | 0 Comments
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I am Margaux of Margaux and Walter. of Mama and Papa. of Wife and Husband. of Peg and Awl. I love to make things. I have a hard time stopping. I also love to gather abandoned treasures, read, scribble, wander and dream. I hope to some day travel back in time.

You can find me on Twitter @pegandawlbuilt, and our site.

Iron Viking Hat
By Short Army

Everything in this shoppe is amazing. I should fetch some for my fellows.

Kids Organic Collective Animal Nouns Tee
By Xenotees

Love the t and the drawing is amazing!

The Bridge Street Tote
By Shelter Protects You

I am generally pretty excited about Shelter Protects You. This tote is great and that sneaky leather wallet inside is greater(!)

Vintage Bi-fold Wallet
By Maxx&Unicorn Co. No. 43

Speaking of wallets – I bought this for Walter. He loves it. And I want one now.

R&L Goods I.D. Billfold
By R&L Goods

Erm, stuck. There are a lot of handsome wallets here. This is rather special…

Wall Mount Test Tube Vase
By Pigeon Toe

I adore everything in this shoppe and long for the day we redo our kitchen and sun room… dreaming.

Sweater Knit Pants
By Baby Hobo

Super snuggly looking, and we can never have too many stripes on our fellows!

Early Spring Tote
By LAYERxlayer

Super simple. Super beautiful. I really hope this is not out of stock forever…

Love Braille Ring
By MaaPstudio

So lovely… so very lovely.

Gourd Bowls, Set of Three
By Gleena

Ever a sucker for No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 etc… and nesting sets. Back to that kitchen…