Build Your Block New Winter Collection

Posted on November 17, 2011 | 0 Comments
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We’ve just released a Winter collection, which includes holiday pillows.

Build Your Block, the Brooklyn Based pillow company founded by Patrick Chirico, has some new property listings to add to the neighborhood on your bed or couch.

Wanting to add some more New York City inspired buildings, the new designs include a classic pizzeria, a mom n’ pop auto shop, and a decadent Park Avenue apartment building.

Also, just in time for the holidays, there are two different Christmas inspired building pillows, each coming in two holiday appropriate color varieties. The first design is a looming Park Avenue building adorned with classy wreaths, and a Christmas tree that can be seen through the windows. The second is a Williamsburg townhouse with twinkling lights and tinsel. Snuggle these pillows between the other buildings on your couch, and the warmth of the season will spread throughout your house.

Lastly, Build Your Block has done something different, offering the chance to personalize your pillow with the Custom Bakery Pillow. Now the aspiring chefs and foodies alike can go beyond their kitchen and see their name in three different places on a New York City pasty shop.

The idea behind Build Your Block’s Winter Collection is so everyone can add to the city street they’ve created in their home. Now they can build a 3D village, can pick and choose the buildings and colors that most inspire them, and arrange them on a couch or bed to give their decor a cozy, urban feel.

If you’d like more information about the Winter Collection, or to schedule an interview with Patrick Chirico, please call 315-783-7658, or email Patrick at

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