Guest curator: SHELTER

Posted on April 22, 2012 | 0 Comments
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SHELTER is a collective of generalists tending towards these specializations: design, craft, cabin building, painting, sewing, woodworking, drawing, walks in beautiful settings, alchemy, the art of listening, and more. We’re adding to the list everyday, with pleasure.

Learn more about our work (and say hello!) at ShelterProtectsYou Follow us on twitter @shelterprotects, and facebook here.

Pinnacle Necklace
By Another Feather

Hannah’s work is so beautiful, and incredibly well crafted. This is my favorite!

Sugar + Cream
By Pigeon Toe

These lovely little pieces may just push my 2 cup-of-coffee-a-day addiction into the 3-cup realm. I’m soooo alright with that.

Le Ciel Art Print
By Bon Matin

This print is just so beautiful how could you not want to learn more about the stars?

Going to the Southwest- Mini Chevron Ring
By Melanie Favreau

We spent the holidays in Santa Fe and I’m still obsessing over it. I’d love to be headed in that direction right now!

3 Reclaimed Oak Nesting Garden Boxes
By Peg and Awl

Peg and Awl’s work has been a major favorite of mine for a while now. I want everything that they make, but think this would be the most useful for me since I’m such a pack rat.

Silver Birch Trees Coaster Set
By Red Bird Ink

A glass of wine would look quite nice on these beautiful coasters.

Mountains Print
In Haus Press

I’ve been loving In Haus Press’s work for a while now and just can’t get over this one. It hits pretty close to home!

Plank Sterling Silver Woodgrain Ring
By Ball and Chain Jewelry

I’m so into the metal and wood combination.

Wold Den Coat Rack
By Cantilever and Press

This makes me feel like I’m 8 again, when I spent hours in the woods building forts with buddies.

Cosmic Crochet Card by Lart Cognac Berliner
By Little Otsu

Little Otsu has been keeping it awesome for years. I found out about them when I lived in San Francisco, and I wish they had a shop in Asheville.

Mojave 20 × 20 Pillow
By Proud Mary

The gentle, flowing colors of the desert in bold, geometric graphics? Yes, please.