Guest curator: Studio KMO

Posted on May 01, 2012 | 0 Comments
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I am an architect and artist aspiring to replace the common with something more beautiful. My artwork simplifies the typical map image into the modern map. Without text, without clutter, only with intricate hand cuts or repetitive black ink lines. I enjoy all things beautiful, especially items that are simple, delicate, and shiny.

The latest news on my artwork can be found here. Also please visit my Supermarket Shop.

Horo 2 Necklace
By Brevity.

i love the idea of “clockhands, fixed in time”.

Large Gold Paper Bowl
By Up in the Air Somewhere

a bowl that is made of paper?? love it.

Slatted Wood Tray
By Pigeon Toe

perfect for a lazy sunday in bed. well, one can dream of such.

Cube Octahedron Ring Set
By Bandada

an octahedron that shines like a diamond.

Tasty Double Cheeseburger Diagram Tea Towels
By girlscantell

i don’t even eat burgers, but this one looks so tasty!

By labakoff

who isn’t always looking for great art?

Rift Mobile // Bamboo Veneer
By Schmitt Design

simply beautiful.

Tiny Basket
By perch!

a tiny, modern, useful gift.