Infinity, The Lunar Cycle, and Mothers Day. A short introduction by hk+np studio

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Infinity the lunar cycle and mothers day a short introduction by hk np studio 655 1812158786

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To commemorate mother’s day we are proud to introduce our two new jewelry series: ‘infinity’ & ‘Lunar’. Our introductory pieces in these two collections are the infinity pendant and lunar earrings.

As a happy coincidence, both of our mother’s were born on the same day. We designed the infinity pendant to mark the occasion this year. The idea for the infinity series arose while gazing over English Bay towards the horizon. For us, the horizon extends beyond the bounds of our imagination, as limitless as the night sky.

At night, over these waters, the moon peaks out from behind the city to illuminate the bay. All of the phases on full display replacing the memories of the lunar calendar that hung on Hiroko’s wall when she was little. While the idea of infinity arrives through our imagination of places beyond the horizon, the lunar series unites the present with our reflections on remembered things.

For our mother’s we have added a pearl within the lower loop of the infinity pendant. We provided a scratch finish for one mother, and mirror for the other, reflecting their differing tastes and personalities.

The lunar series earrings, two half spheres of silver, have a rough outer surface like that of the moon, in contrast to their highly reflective crescent and gibbous interiors. When viewed individually each piece will mimic half of the lunar cycle and were made to reflect the silver moonlight.

We hope you will like our newest pieces and will also use them to commemorate your mothers. Happy mother’s day.

Neil + Hiroko

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