Guest Curator: Julie Schoening

Posted on July 09, 2013 | 0 Comments
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I run a visual strategy studio in Seattle, Washington, and think about branding and design all day long. Though Schoening Digital specializes in web design and digital photography, I have a soft spot in my heart for awesomely designed products – who doesn’t? Supermarket is my go-to. You’ll see my love for the outdoors shining through this selection.

Messenger no. 4
By Moop
I love the worn comfortable sturdy look of this over-the-shoulder bag.

Maca dark coasters
by L-caza
Whenever I see a felled tree I want to get a chainsaw out and chop it up into slivers so I could make stuff out of it. The work is done for me with these super cool coasters!

Nautical Prints-Set of 8
by Prints of Beauty
You’ll see so many forest-related products in my selection, but I also love driftwood and anything that reminds me of the sea. Or the Puget Sound. I love these nautical illustrations. They’d sit beautifully on a mantle or all lined up against a colored wall.

Red Tractor Print on Wood
by Kim Fox
I’m working on a client project right now that involves tractor illustrations and I just love this one. I also love how it was shot on clovers, which adds so much.

Kubala 4 Hook Coat Rack
by Six Finger Studios
There it is again, unfinished wood. This is way cooler than any other coat hooks I’ve seen.

Birches | limited edition print
by Red Bird Ink
I think I would use these as holiday cards every year if I could. I love the simple, single-color look.

Seattle Scout notebook
And here’s my ode to Seattle, my favorite city. Cute, convenient little journal, with of course, recycled pages.
by Andy Pratt Design

Waxed Canvas Pouch
by Peg and Awl
The brand of this little bag is really helped by the wood surface table, huh? It does wonders on me. I think I need 100 of these, please.

Bullets print
by Vicky Fong
This photo is intriguing, it’s got so many layers to it. I’m not necessarily a fan of bullets, but I am a fan of this photo’s story – and of cabin living!