Guest curator: Ylleanna

Posted on July 30, 2013 | 0 Comments
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My name is Anna, I live and work in Italy. I create yarn jewelry and accessories for my brand Ylleanna. I’m self-taught and I like combining different materials to arrive at the final product. Colors and different textures offer me endless possibilities. I like to think of being able to convey emotions to those who buy my own creation, giving an added value that only a handmade product can have. I love simple and essential shapes and I like to complete my creations with wood and ceramics.

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Wedge leather bag by scabbyrobot
This bag is sophisticated and simple. I love the shape and the color.

Mosaic star napkins by soraam
This napkin fuses traditional and modern. The artist re-interprets Asian motifs through a modern lens.

Modern Paper Earrings – Mobi by PULP by rogue theory
Once again I’m drawn to the shape of these earrings. A material such as paper could be very interesting. The colors and shapes of these modern earrings are fantastic.

Fruit Baskets made from reclaimed oak by Peg and Awl
Wood: one of my favourite materials. Very useful not only for fruits.

Antalya Porcelain And Golden Necklace by MaaPstudio
Pastel colors, a delicate hue for this elegant and simple necklace.

‘Red Berries’ letterpress cards by Red Bird Ink
A simple style for this beautiful card where the red pops on the white background. Red berries makes me think to Fall season and Christmas.

Umbrella Skirt *7 by Cecilia Felli
A great example of upcycling. I could never have imagined a skirt by recycling an old umbrella’s fabric. Amazing!

Flower Pebbles-set of 3 by letterfest
A gift from nature. These pebbles are unique and charming.