Guest Curator: Kim O’Brien

Posted on August 06, 2013 | 0 Comments
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I make shiny objects with dashes of color in my Pawtucket, Rhode Island studio. As a kid I took jewelry apart and reassembled the parts to make new pieces of jewelry. My only regret was not having pliers when I did this. Now I collect old rusty, dinged up hammers, there is no shortage of pliers and my torch is my best friend. My anvil is pretty awesome too.


Lady Bug tank top by An Li Liu
First, is An Li Liu. Seeing as I am wearing one of her designs in my photo above you can see I love her work. Her designs are clean, simple and fun! An Li is really sweet too!

Cutting Edge womens tee by Xenotees
Xenotees has long been a favorite of mine. Noëlle incorporates every day images into her designs and through repetition these images take on shapes and patterns, making you forget the image itself.

Necklush Scarf – mustard by Necklush
Early this spring I bought my very first Necklush scarf and I am completely in love. They are just as awesome and versatile as they look.

MOSTAR belt – magenta by Balkan Tango
I sort of have a thing for belts. This one by Balkan Tango has caught my eye many times, it is industrial and feminine.

Sterling and Gold Gem Ring by imogene
Being a jeweler I am ever so particular of the jewelry I admire. Imogene has a simple aesthetic rich in repetition. Annie’s work really stands out from most of the jewelry I see, it is to be adored.

Vegan Cross body bag by Shara Porter
Shara Porter has an eye for design. I have been her neighbor at many craft fairs and have long adored her work. She manages to have a vintage feel, yet maintains a completely modern look with her color schemes. I have yet to find my favorite piece of hers, they are all amazing.

Human Nature by Shira Sela
Recently I discovered Shira Sela’s work, it is ethereal, yet easy to relate to. This particular print reminds me of my favorite aunt, she always put braids in my hair as a child.

Short Pebble Vase – satin black by Kim Westad
My day job at a florist has me forever searching for lovely vases. Form and color intrigue me as does the skill of being able to make an arrangement which is equally attractive to a handmade vase, but not overpowering. Kim Westad creates elegant forms full of rich color and texture which can definitely stand on their own or hold a few blooms with grace.

‘rainbow tights + ice cream’ 8×10 polaroid transfer – signed by shehitpausestudios
She Hit Pause Studios has amazing polaroid transfers. The result of his process is dream-like, some parts are blurred while color pops in other parts of the print. I would love any one, two or three of these images by She Hit Pause Studios gracing my walls.

Scarano 4 Hook Coat Rack by Six Finger Studios
Another item I would love in my apartment is this coat rack by Six Finger Studios. This style is a perfect match to the mix of modern and vintage furniture I have decorating my bungalow.

Fill-in-the-Blank [Wanna…?] by L2 Design Collective
I love sending mail. I imagine the recipient delightfully opening an envelope (that isn’t a bill) full of excitement. L2 Design Collective has some fun, playful paper goods. This one may just be my favorite…

Feels Unresolved stamp by Schooled
If you want to add some sarcasm to your letter writing may I suggest a Stamp of Disapproval by Schooled?