Support Our Kickstarter: The Altered States of America

Posted on August 27, 2013 | 0 Comments
Support our kickstarter the altered states of america 655 796579036

An illustrated map of America populated with the legendary events and characters from popular science-fiction, horror and fantasy. The full map “The Altered States of America” will be screenprinted 36"x24" with 5 colors on French Paper 100lb Whitewash.

We have been cataloging the most popular science fiction, fantasy films, television shows and comics whose stories are set in very real American locations. For some stories, the location is as much a part of the story as are the characters: the iconic scene of King Kong’s atop New York’s Empire State Building, the final scream scene of “Body Snatchers” outside San Francisco’s City Hall, or the famed wreckage of the Statue of Liberty on a NJ beach, just to name but a few.

Please see our project and help us make it a reality so we can sell it here on SMHQ one day!

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