Say hello to A+J Glass & Ceramics

Posted on October 07, 2013 | 0 Comments
Say hello to a j glass ceramics 655 1316795546

The new shop from A+J combines sleek glass and ceramic design into vibrant vessels. Some of their first products on Supermarket include maple syrup jars, juicers, and olive oil drizzlers.

From the designer:
A+J is a couple where one is a glassblower and the other is a ceramist. When creating our functional objects we always keep in mind that a good product is a perfect collaboration between aesthetic and function.
This is why we believe in the strength of compromise in our collaboration. We also believe in the strength of our team and are convinced that our products would never be that much popular if we weren’t the two of us, and if we weren’t a glassblower and a ceramist.But above all, we believe that the objects we use daily should be chosen with care and crafted with knowledge.

Check out their shop here and look for more items to be added!