Welcome to our new blog

Posted on September 24, 2014 | 0 Comments
Welcome to our new blog 900 505682888
What's our new blog all about? Well, that depends on the day.

One day we’re the spot you can score a pair of silver trapeze earrings that effortlessly blend modern and deco style into the perfect statement. Come back the next day when you’re searching for a unique housewarming gift for a friend’s new Berkeley loft, and stumble upon ceramic bowls that would befit her funky décor. Check in again next week to revisit a vintage-style print that you think would look great on your bedroom wall.

Supermarket is about connecting shoppers with the world’s most talented artists and designers. The ones with amazing vision and undeniable passion, who are shaking up the scene with their fresh approach.

These creatives and their work are featured on Supermarket in a carefully curated manner, so our site is navigable without being overwhelming. We make it easy for buyers to find amazing and unique pieces. We make it easy for artisans to showcase their work in a way that doesn’t become white noise, lost in a maze of millions.

We just make it easy.

We’re also about stories. Stories about art and and how to live in beauty. How to dare to be different or express oneself freely. How creativity can grab the reins and not let go. Our blog will be a space where we share those stories. Check in for everything from entertaining tips to curated collections of bridal shower gifts.

Consider yourself invited. Welcome!