The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Posted on October 19, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Since we’re all living in the modern age, the majority of our correspondence is done at a keyboard, pecking out emails and texts that whiz through cyberspace and land on an intended recipient’s screen or in her inbox. Efficient, certainly. Sentimental? Not so much.

Sure, emails and texts are the ideal conduit for immediate response. However, our fast-paced, tech-crazed society has practically eradicated the most romantic of notions—letter writing.

Back in the day, the beginning of a romance called for the starry couple to exchange thoughts and feelings by putting pen to paper. The result was something tangible, something of beauty that you could see, touch, even smell—and treasure. Love letters could be stashed away to rediscover and reread years down the road. An email, even when beautifully worded, doesn’t quite carry the same sentiment.

In addition, love letters tell a story. The back and forth between two lovers, separated by war, distance, or disapproving families is the stuff of great novels. Love letters also serve to preserve the past, providing historians with accurate renditions of times and events long gone.

The art of letter writing has dwindled over the years, and the birth of the internet has nearly eradicated it completely. However, many hope to rekindle the tradition, and in the process reignite the feelings and emotions associated with the act. Not just for couples, letter writing is encouraged for friendships and familial relationships as well.

Of course, you should choose your medium wisely. A lovely card, featuring heavy paper and delicious design, is the perfect option. It practically begs for you to pour forth your thoughts and feelings.

A few choices we think will get you started:

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So get going! How do I love thee?