Organize your Gifting

Posted on November 18, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Are you a year-long shopper or someone who waits till the last minute to grab gifts for everyone on your holiday list? Either way, organizing your gifting will save you time and money. Year-long shoppers risk double-buying and even losing gifts in the depths of their closets, while their last-minute counterparts may spend more because they didn’t see the sales or get an item while it’s in stock.

So how do you get organized? Well, some of that depends on your personality.

If you’re a LIST person—Start early, and create a paper list (or spreadsheet, for the tech-oriented) including each person you need to buy for. Brainstorm several gift ideas for each person, and include a budget for each gift (just don’t leave this list where people can see it— Aunt Sarah might get miffed that you spend less on her than Aunt Barb). As you shop, whether well ahead of time or JUST in time, fill in what you purchased, how much it cost, and where you’re storing it. Enjoy the pleasure of checking off each person as you go! (Check it twice, even.)

If you’re a DREAMER who can’t be tied down—Estimate (then actually count) how many gifts you need, then head to your favorite gift shops (brick and mortar OR online) and buy the things you love. You’ll have an idea of who you’re buying for, but feel free to wait to match the gifts and the people until you get home. Most of the time, the people you love will love the things you pick. It’s smart to get a few generic gifts, too, for those with taste that doesn’t line up with yours. This loosely organized system will help you master the holidays without getting overwhelmed or out of control.

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