4 Tips for Gifting Your Favorite Guy

Posted on December 03, 2014 | 0 Comments
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So you’re stumped on what to buy for your favorite guy, huh? Yeah, we know how you feel. Though choosing gifts for guys isn’t as easy as scrounging through the clearance rack at your favorite department store, picking a gift he’ll love is way easier than you think. So to help you pick the perfect gift, we’ve listed a few simple tips, as well as some of our favorite picks to help you get some ideas flowing.

1. Think Tech. Every guy is all about technology, from home entertainment to smartphones. Let him buy the gadgets, and look for techy accessories that will make his life easier, like cases, cords, and headphones.

Our pick: Dual Dock Station / iPad Stand / iPhone

This sturdy stand is made with solid walnut, featuring three different sized cuts so he can use any of his favorite gadgets without having to look down or use a hand to hold them up. And the finished wood grain offers that rustic look that no guy can resist.

2. Manly décor. Let’s face it- guys aren’t the best with interior design, so look to give him something in line with his interests that he can decorate his living space or man cave with, such as a framed print, or vintage beer paraphernalia.

Our pick: City Art Prints

Made by hand right here in the U.S., these city prints are printed on heavy white paper, featuring the map layout of your guy’s favorite city in simple, yet stunning detail.

3. Keep him organized. Most guys aren’t very good about staying neat, so look for some simple home storage solutions for him, based on his interests. A closet rack for his shoes or wall hangers for his guitars might seem vanilla at first, but he’ll thank you in weeks to come when he realizes how less cluttered his life is.

Our Pick: Coat Range

No more throwing coats on the chairs- the Coat Range is the ultimate coat rack for any guy. Four mountain peaks cut out of real walnut and maple give your rugged guy an alpine place to hang his jackets when he gets in the door. And it’s super simple to hang.

4. T-shirts. If all else fails, grab your guy a t-shirt. Guys just can’t get enough of them.

Our pick: Haymaker Men’s Tee.

Because no t-shirt says “tough and masculine” quite like the Haymaker.

For more great gift ideas guys will go crazy for, browse around Supermarket.