Freshen Up Your Home for Spring: 4 Easy Ways to Give Your Space a Facelift

Posted on April 15, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Spring is a time of renewal and reinvigoration. As we shake off the winter blues, we often jump start our fitness resolutions, break out our warm-weather wardrobe and—you guessed it!—freshen up our homes for spring. Here are five easy ways to give your space a spring facelift.

1. Spring cleaning. It may sound cliché, but there’s really no better way to welcome spring than by deep cleaning your home. Wiping down walls, moving furniture, and cleaning out your closet will add to that sense of freshness. This type of cleaning requires maximum comfort, so throw on a pair of your favorite leggings like the Floral Stretch Printed Leggings from Garbedge Clothing Designs. These soft leggings come in four different floral prints, and their stretchy fabric provide maximum flexibility. Welcome spring with your cleanliness and your clothing!

2. Organize your DVDs, books or knick knacks. Sometimes all you need to feel refreshed is a little organization. The Handmade Wooden Cubby from Bourbon Moth Woodworking would make a love addition to any room. Made from western red cedar, this cubby can help you organize your book collection or fill the six compartments with your favorite collectables.

3. Wash your curtains and open your windows. Curtains sometimes get overlooked in all the cleaning, but after months of stagnation, they have most likely collected a lot of dust. Take down your curtains and throw them in the washing machine. In the meantime, open your windows and let in some of that spring breeze!

4. Add new decorations. New décor can change an entire room. Freshen up your space with some seasonal decorations like the Rustic Wood Flowers from Uncommon or the flower print pictured above. These sea foam and tangerine oak veneer flowers will keep your home looking great, and you won’t have to replace them like fresh flowers!

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