Rainy Day Blues: Ideas to Brighten a Dreary Day

Posted on April 28, 2015 | 0 Comments
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When we describe spring, we tend to focus on the warm sunshine, comfortable breeze and sound of birds chirping from the trees. But the truth is, for every gorgeous spring day there are at least three days of dreary, dingy rain. In like a lion, as they say.

Instead of being blue with disdain for all the mud puddles and frizzy hair days, brighten your day with these beautiful blue products from some of our brightest vendors.

The limited edition OWL Blue Screen Print from Oh What Lovely will make a festive addition to any room’s décor. Printed in shades of soft and metallic blue, the work is 35x50 centimeters and signed by the artist.

The Jewel Linen Pillow Cover in blue from Soraam will help add the freshness of spring to your couch or bed. Instead of being upset by the rain, embrace it with a relaxing nap with the pitter patter as your background! This pillow cover is screen printed with water-based ink on linen and is machine washable. Win-win!

Color psychology associates blue with depth, intelligence, peace and calm. Add these elements to your home this spring with the Felted Pebble Gift Set in Blue Tones from Delica. Use them in any centerpiece—from vases to bowls—for a soft, unique look your guests will love. These small felted pebbles come in a variety of blue tones—turquoise, teal, sea foam and sky.

Unfortunately, we can’t always hide under the covers on a rainy day. If you have to brave the rain, embrace your blues with the Turquoise Bar Necklace from Calinana. Featuring a curved line of gorgeous turquoise gems suspended between 14k gold chains, you’ll feel so stunning you’ll forget all about your frizzy hair and wet jeans!

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