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Portland Clashing

January 10, 2008

Sweet new wallet from dbclay


TwistTogether video

January 10, 2008

Sometimes you don’t know how much you actually want something until you see it in action.

This video of the chocolate TwistTogether Lamp makes me realize (1) how awesome it is, and (2) how great it will look on my night stand.


Yoko Devereaux at

January 09, 2008

Check out this great piece at featuring our current collaboration with Mexican housewares company DFC (

Please click here to check out the full piece…


I’ve been listed

January 05, 2008



New! Pinwheel Bamboo Scarf

January 04, 2008


FutureCraft has been weaving up some beautiful pinwheel patterned scarves made with Bamboo yarn. Our signature black and white yarns really bring out the bold pattern on this design. We are also testing different yarn colors to substitute the black.. chocolate brown anyone?