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Nanda at CAMEX

February 06, 2008
by Nanda

Visit our booth (#336) at the CAMEX show in San Antonio Texas. For more information, email


Designer Interview: Christopher Bril (Corky Saint Clair)

February 06, 2008

Here’s our very first designer interview – a chat with the Christopher Bril, the man behind the curtain at corky

What’s the story of Corky Saint Clair? Who’s behind it, how did it start, when etc?

My name is Christopher Bril. I come from a screen printing background but mainly work with jewellery now.

Corky Saint Clair is the shop I run in Melbourne. It mainly sells my label Corky – streetwear, commercial jewellery and cool ceramics. I make nearly everything in the shop but am increasingly outsourcing production.

Do you hold a job alongside running our business?

No I work on the project fulltime (everyday of the year!)

Do you have any particular plans for the future of the business? Or are you just taking things as they come?

I’d like to work closely with one or two talented young designers, help develop their labels; in return hopefully I’ll get inspired by them.

I’m also planning on manufacturing on a slightly larger scale.

Aesthetically I want to get away from some of the folkloric sameness of the Melbourne craft scene – the Bambi/forest imagery is kinda boring.

What’s the single most important lesson you’d give other young designers looking to get into business for themselves?

I think if you want a commercially viable label then you must talk to your customers as much as possible; find out why:

a) they bought stuff, b) why they didn’t buy stuff, and c) how you can improve your product

Can you turn us onto other artists, designers, or labels that you really love?

In Melbourne i dig:

  • spacecraft (australia’s premier screenprint designer)
  • geoffrey mance (insanely awesome lighting design)
  • william griffiths (his pirate jewellery is amazing!)
  • zoe churchill (sexually transgressive ceramics)
  • son of keith (uber tasteful teeshirts)
  • elefant (clever screen printing)
  • julia deville (gruesome taxidermy cast in precious metals)
  • claude maus (perfect melbourne clothing for skinny people)
  • this charming man (the next big thing in melbourne jewellery)
  • northey (beautiful silver pieces),
    lost in the woods (insanely detailed handcut perspex),
  • maru (tasteful teeshirts and jewelery)
  • nicola cerini (bags with handprinted textiles)
  • lightly (hip homewares)
  • PAM (expensive streetwear for/by rich stoners)
  • clan of the cave bears (beautiful handmade accessories by melbournes cutest makers)



Brave Space in The Block Magazine

February 06, 2008

Brooklyn’s Brave Space gets some love from Vancouver’s Block Magazine!


rebaba in supermarket

February 05, 2008
by rebaba


Available now in supermarket rebaba badges.


Welcome 1Aeon

February 04, 2008

1AEON is here, bringing with them great printed tees (and bags I hope), as well as cute girls with beach balls. Welcome!