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I smell lavender in this acorn – wait, it’s a sachet!

October 14, 2014
by delica


It is the acorn season, and being obsessed with cute little acorn caps, I’ve been collecting lots and lots of these lately.

I used to live in SF, and while living there, I found a quilting fabric store in the Sunset. I immediately fell in love with all of their fine prints, and started buying yards and yards of fabric, just so I could have it in my room.

I finally decided to make something out of it, and made these adorable lavender-filled sachets with acorn caps. It’s quite fragrant, and I love having them in next to my bed. I went a little overboard and made three varieties; a garland sachet, an ornament (so you can hang it easily), and the regular single kind.

Hope you enjoy these too! They’re now available in singles, ornaments, and garlands.


New Item

September 29, 2014


New item:
Thin Square Earrings


New Autumn/Winter Collection!!

September 24, 2014


Dear Margot has a brand new collection for fall! Check it out!


City of Angels

September 09, 2014


There’s no need to explain, it’s Los Angeles, the City of Angels.


Block Apparel’s Gold Tee

September 09, 2014


This Tee stands out from the rest with a level of class.

It’s the only black Tee of the collection, with a shiny gold foil that glistens in the sun.